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Heavy-Duty Sealant
TYPAR®, a leading provider of high-performance building wrap, construction tape, flashing and accessories, is
adding a new
Heavy-Duty Sealant
to its portfolio, offering builders and contractors superior adhesion for doors, windows and seams.

Compact Dry
Steam Cleaners
Dry steam cleaning
is gaining
popularity as an effective
and eco-friendly solution for
cleaning and
and Goodway Technologies offers
a selection of
compact steam cleaners that add
the ease of portability
for commercial and lighter use. 

Goodway Technologies
Flexible Seating Solution
Launched in late January, the Every Day Chair is the newest collection from Landscape Forms.

Landscape Forms
Table Collection
Drawing inspiration from the Parsons
table archetype from the 1960s, HBF’s Firma Collection designed by Travis Clifton, Principal of
T Clifton Design, transcends its historical origin by incorporating innovative materials into an expanded
line, offering 900+ standard models.

Updated Interactive Display
LG Business
Solutions USA, a leading innovator of cutting-edge display technologies,
recently announced
its Google Enterprise Devices Licensing Agreement (EDLA) certification for
the new

LG Business Solutions
Black Matte Finish – Faucet Line
T&S Brass and Bronze Works, a leading manufacturer of foodservice and commercial plumbing products, is thrilled to announce the latest enhancement to its aesthetic product lineup: the introduction of a matte black finish for the LakeCrest manual faucet line.

T&S Brass and Bronze Works
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