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PVC-Free Flooring
ECOsurfaces’ Nada Rx, recently recognized with multiple industry awards, is designed for easy maintenance and heavy load/high traffic areas, Nada Rx features a 2mm PVC-free resilient surface layer factory fusion bonded to a 5mm VCR base layer that elevates performance by providing ergonomic, acoustic and safety support to reduce joint stress and muscle fatigue, diminish noise and reduce the risk of injury from falls.

Medium-Duty Work Glove
Brass Knuckle® SmartCut™ (BKCR303) offers triple-threat benefits with A2 cut
protection, amazing dexterity,
and superior grip.
Now improved
with better tactile sensitivity,
better fit,
and the same great protection.

Brass Knuckle

Space-Efficient Dishwasher
Auto-Chlor System® presents the innovative AC TALL Space Maker Dish Machine, a key player in its advanced dishwashing technology range. Boasting a compact footprint of just 22” x 24” (occupying a mere 2.24 square feet), this dishwasher is designed to save 75% more space compared to conventional dish machines.

Impact-Absorbing Safety Helmet
KOROYD® – a global leader in advanced impact technology – in partnership with Caco America LLC, a GE brand licensee for personal protective equipment for the North, Central and South American continents, announces the launch of the new GE branded GH400 Type 1 safety helmet. 

Rechargeable Heated Insoles
Few things are as important during the colder months than keeping warm. Remember what mom always said – “Make sure to keep your feet warm and dry.” 

Shallow Plenum Troffer
Kenall Lighting is introducing the CSSGI series: a shallow plenum troffer ideal for cleanrooms and clean spaces, including laboratories, research centers and more.

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