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Safti First is pleased to announce that SuperSecure II-XLS now meets ASTM F1915 Grade 1-3 in addition to the California Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation (CDCR) Class A requirements for forced entry.

Safti First


Cell Phone Detector

Cellsense detects all cell phones, on or off, with or without batteries, concealed on or within the body.

Lennox 2_0

Chopper Pump

Vaughan’s Vertical Recirculator Chopper Pump provides combined pre-conditioning, mixing and pumping.



Water Management Solution

Willoughby Industries’ new water management system is the most advanced system offered in the industry today.

Willoughby Industries

Property Storage Container

Norix has added the Citadel Property Storage Container to its extensive line of intensive-use products.


Shower Coating System

Prime Coat has solved countless shower problems for correctional facilities — from the Seneca County Jail in the east to the Adelanto Detention Facility in the west, Prime Coat is leading the way in seamless shower coating systems.

Prime Coat


Inmate Transport

Mac’s Lift Gate Inc. presents the Mac’s Prisoner Transport Lift System.

Mac's Lift Gate Inc.


Alert System

With the click of a button, MCS’ InstaFind allows users to see what was happening moments before an alarm was triggered.


Energy-Efficient Lighting

The TWH and TWP LED luminaires incorporate the latest in LED technology to deliver a long-life, energy-efficient lighting solution.


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