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Office Furniture

The Kimball Office Definition casegoods line offers private and transitional office solutions that meet user demands for storage and technology space.

Kimball Office

Flooring Protection System

The Crystal Shield System from Diversey is a unique floor care program for concrete, terrazzo and other stone surfaces that eliminates chemical stripping and reduces maintenance frequency.


Lennox 2_0

Energy-Saving Lights

The second generation Indy Multi-Head LED Luminaires from Juno Lighting still provides the same popular features as the first, while also offering a 2000 lumen package, improved efficiency and enhanced aesthetics through LED array and reflector design.

Juno Lighting Group


Upgraded Solar Panels

Furthering commitment to environmental efficiency, Metal Sales introduces a new photovoltaic panel program by adding the Solar Flare crystalline panels and Solar Flex thin film panels to its line of sustainable products.

Metal Sales Manufacturing Corporation

Improved Actuator Technology

Manufacturer of efficient solutions for air-conditioning, heating, refrigeration and motion systems, Danfoss released its generation of 435 Series Actuators to replace the prior AME 15QM series of actuator for the company’s AB-QM pressure independent control valve.


Recycling Bins

Witt Industries’ dome top recycling containers can be customized to suit general or specific recycling requirements.

Witt Industries

Acoustic and Fire-Resistant Ceiling Panels

Made from an inorganic blend of volcanic stone and inorganic binders, EuroStone sustainable ceiling panels from Chicago Metallic contain no volatile organic compounds, surface coatings or biocides and are composed of non-hazardous and non-fibrous materials for a greener effect, according to the company.

Chicago Metallic Corporation

Energy-Efficient Coating System

3M’s Anti-Soiling Liquid, an easy-to-apply coating system for photovoltaic modules and concentrated solar power mirrors, is designed to help solar modules stay cleaner, longer.


Bulb Receptacle

The Compact Fluorescent Lamp recycling container from VaporLok can safely hold up to four 13-watt, or up to three 23-watt used CFLs, protecting users from hazardous mercury vapors if fragile bulbs are ever broken, according to the company.

VaporLok Products, LLC

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