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Substance Recovery Unit
International—the world’s leading manufacturer of Banned Substance Recovery units—
The Drugloo unit. 

Drugloo International

Max-Master Table 
The Max-Master table has become
a staple for correctional
throughout the world. 

Eliminate Clogs with Portable & Cost-Effective Lift Station Conditioning
Rags, plastics and other disruptive solids cause costly pump issues.

Take Charge of Your Keys and Assets
The Guardian’s customizable, modular design allows you to
secure and track access to large Folger Adam cell keys, smaller fleet vehicle keys, assets like radios and weapons, and more.


Compact Track Loader
Compact track loaders currently sell an incredible 90,000 units a year.

Versatile Eye Protection
Get the jump on eye safety with the versatile protection and comfort of Brass Knuckle® Grasshopper (BKDST-1010N). 

Brass Knuckle
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