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Chairback Hardware Option
The patented hardware, CATCH by Samuelson, suspends a folded walker, or any personal item, on the back of the chair.

Samuelson Furniture
Self-Adhesive Wallcovering
Introducing 3M DI-NOC – a self-adhesive film with the ability to conform to a variety of flat or curved surfaces allowing you to refresh any space with ease.

Air Filtration Paks
CleanAire HEPA and Carbon Filtration Paks are designed to be mounted inline in the exhaust ducting from a fume hood or contaminant source up to 1500 cfm.

Lay-In Ceiling Panels
Armstrong Ceiling & Wall Solutions has added MetalWorks™ Lay-In ceiling panels to its portfolio of ceiling systems speci´Čücally designed for use with its DynaMax® suspension system. 

Armstrong Ceiling & Wall Solutions
Contemporary Furnishing Collection
Furnishings expert Stylex has launched Dau, a colorful, contemporary collection of tables, upholstered sofas, benches, poufs, and lounge chairs designed to reimagine the workplace and beyond.

Lay-In Luminaire
A-Light recently announced the introduction of its Lean lay-in fixture. Lean transforms tiled ceilings into something more architecturally impactful, providing a sustainable solution to ambient noise reduction.

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