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Hi-Vis Pullover Hoodies
Pyramex has expanded its summer offerings to include its new RLPH1 Series of lightweight pullover hoodies that combine UPF 50+ sun protection with lightweight
moisture-wicking fabric to keep workers well protected and cool this summer.

Screenflex has
added Plexiglass Partitions to its repertoire of
versatile portable partitions. 

Spacesaver Library Carts
Spacesaver’s Flexible Library Carts allow users to optimize their space for the day’s need, easily integrating events and programming without expanding their school library’s footprint.

Anti-Viral Flooring
CBC Flooring (CBC) has announced the introduction of
Mature AdVantage,
an anti-viral and
anti-microbial commercial
flooring making
it the perfect
solution for
education and any other application requiring extra protection without sacrificing visual beauty.

CBC Flooring
Single-Person Workspace
Framery One is a single-person, soundproof
with a high-res touchscreen and
user interface,
giving users
personal control
over reservations, airflow, and lighting.

Architectural Surfaces
Polyvision’s new Hygienic CeramicSteel is dramatically enhancing health and safety measures through the utilization of the product’s Silver Ion Technology that slowly release silver ions over time while actively working to keep the surface clean for the lifetime of the product.

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