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Headwall Luminaire
Kenall has news for hospitals planning renovation and new construction projects in 2022: introducing the new MedMaster™ MPH headwall luminaire series, a fresh new take on traditional headwall lighting, with a contemporary design aesthetic that reduces bulk, while offering many patient-centric features and options.

Exterior Luminaires
Luminis, an established manufacturer of specification grade lighting solutions for commercial, institutional, retail, and urban environments, has announced the expansion of its Bellevue luminaire family.

Innovative Revolving Door
The Horton Series 9900 EasyFlow® Revolving Door features an innovative Power-Assisted Home Positioning System known as RTQP (Return-to-Quarter-Point).

Pipe Rack Accessory for Scissor Lifts
Hy-Brid Lifts, an industry leader in high-quality, low-level access equipment, has announced the latest attachment for A92.20 Pro Series scissor lifts: a heavy-duty pipe rack 

Hy-Brid Lifts
Stair Tread Epoxy
To prevent slips and falls and improve safety on high traffic industrial stairs, Form-A-Tread Company offers a new category of durable high-tech epoxy paste called Form-A-Tread to ensure superior stair tread footing and visibility for years without re-application, instead of short-lived, high-maintenance tapes or coatings.

Corrosion Protection System
Baltimore Aircoil Company (BAC) highlights the TriArmor® Corrosion Protection System which provides the best corrosion and leak protection for the cold-water basin at the best value.

Baltimore Aircoil
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