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Ceilings Designed For Safety & Security
Concealed locking ceilings are essential to ensuring security in behavioral healthcare and correctional facilities everywhere. 

Armstrong Ceilings
The right solutions to meet every corrections challenge
Corrections facilities need to protect both staff and inmates, prevent device tampering, conduct efficient forensic searches and enhance situational awareness. 

Hanwha Techwin
Chair Collection
The Vesta™ chair collection provides a unique blend of ultra-safe design with a humanized aesthetic appeal.

Conditioning Pump
How Do You Handle Sludge and Grit Mixing?


Disposable Hard-Hat Liners
NoSweat has created the first disposable performance liners specifically for hard hats that absorb sweat instantly while preventing odors, stains, acne and the constant need to stop and wipe up sweat with a towel or a shirt sleeve.

Vacuum Lifting Attachments
Brokk, the world’s leading manufacturer of remote-controlled demolition robots, has added two Vacuworx lifting attachments to its lineup in North America. 

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