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Property Sealer
The CPI/Guardian 1416J inmate property sealer produces a 100% tamper evident package that stops lost property claims before they begin. 

Anti-Splash System
It’s time we gave our Personnel the protection they desperately need to stop assaults and
stay safe in our Jails and Prisons. 

On The Gate LLC
Vaughan Chopper Pump
The Vaughan Chopper Pump is your reliable solution for unmatched reliability in handling severe solids.

Vaughan Company
Meal Delivery System
JonesZylon is introducing a new meal delivery system. The meal tray is a 5-compartment self-stacking tray that seals off each compartment and has underside compartment height to keep food from getting on bottom.


Remote Video Visitation System
Recent events like
the COVID-19 Virus outbreak and the
need to lock down facilities in order to protect inmates from contagions has renewed interest in Remote Video Visitation Systems.

High-Performance Mattresses
Corrections professionals rely on high-performance Norix mattresses for infection control, cleanability, and safety. 

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