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Architectural Lighting System
A-Light, a manufacturer of specification grade interior lighting solutions, recently announced the launch of its Align module-based architectural lighting system.

Acoustic Panel Collection
Kirei, a provider of innovative eco-friendly design materials, has unveiled several stunning new colors in celebration of summer.

Safety Panel Collection
To help society adapt to the “new normal” and addressing COVID concerns, New York-based sliding door company Raydoor is launching a safety panel collection for a range of settings.

Modular Carpet Collection
As the world reexamines the meaning and use of physical space, the way our built environments can facilitate the collision and cross-pollination of people and ideas is more important than ever. 

Architectural Lighting Solution
Lutron Electronics, the leader in architectural lighting control solutions, has introduced Athena: a simple, flexible, all-in-one solution that elevates everyday experiences with the magic of light.

Lutron Electronics
Hand Sanitation Station
McCarthy Fabrication LLC, a Florida-based company, recently began selling a new hand sanitizer station.

McCarthy Fabrication
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