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The Airteq Defender 9900 Series Retrofit Kit from Airteq allows for the replacement of existing locks from any manufacturer with a high-security Airteq 9900 series electric lock, replacing obsolete or sub-standard locks and adding remote capability to existing manual doors.

Chopper Pump

The Vaughan Conditioning Pump is a Vaughan Submersible Chopper Pump mounted on a portable stand and fitted with a high-velocity mixing nozzle.


Lennox 2_0

Tablet-Based Education Solution

Bob Barker Company offers Edovo, a tablet-based education solution that utilizes a unique learn-to-earn method.
Bob Barker Company

Security Windows
Hope’s Windows is a leading source for exterior secure window systems and non-secure windows and doors.

Hope’s Windows Inc.


Electronic Notification System
Viking Electronics Inc. introduces the SR-IP, a VoIP SIP loud ringer. The product quickly notifies employees of incoming calls and visitors with four traditional ringing sounds more doorbell tones.

Viking Electronics Inc.


Ballistic Shield
The new Lighthawk M1 (LHM1) is the future of level IIIA ballistic shields, using hybrid ballistic technology that minimizes weight while increasing protection.

Armor Express

Inmate Restraint Chair
After working many years in law enforcement handling dangerous and passive inmates alike, the concerns for potential officer and/or inmate injury, among other safety concerns ignited an idea that demanded a very simple solution.

Police Innovations LLC

IP Camera
Pelco by Schneider Electric, a global leader in surveillance and security products and technologies, offers Sarix Enhanced IP Cameras in fixed bullet, box and dome configurations.

Pelco by Schneider Electric

1QA-Graphics Online_0.jpg
Marathon Engineering Corporation, manufacturer of Gold Medal Safety Padding, provides safe, durable and easily maintained padded environments.
Marathon Engineering Corporation


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