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LED Panel Light
UL-Lighting recently introduced the LED Panel Light designed with a 0.3-inch thickness that allows light to flow into the guide panel for more efficient heat dissipation and a lower light decline.


Avmor released the EP88 CAPRICE neutralizer and salt remover.

Lennox 2_0
Legrand’s Wattstopper Digital Lighting Management (DLM) system is a control system that automatically maximizes lighting levels and energy efficiency throughout a building.


Hydraulic Tool Set
Enerpac recently introduced the Enerpac Hydraulic Toolbox, a portable tool set that includes all necessary hydraulic components to immediately begin working on any construction or design project.

Cross Laminated Timber (CrossLam CLT) by Structurlam is a multi-layer mass timber product that extends in two different directions with precision and accuracy. 

J+J Flooring Group recently released the Kinetex soft surface floor covering for high traffic areas. 

J+J Flooring Group

Fiber-Reinforced Concrete
Fiber-reinforced concrete from BASF enhances the durability of sidewalks, parking lots and other paved surfaces by reducing cracks typically caused by plastic shrinkage, long-term drying, sunshine and extreme weather conditions.



Roofing System

The new single-ply roofing membrane from Duro-Last Inc. is designed to improve building efficiency.

Duro-Last Inc.
RISE, created by ECOSense, is a scalable and configurable lighting system that delivers a full range of beam angles and lumen packages, from 300 lumens for landscape lighting to 11,200 lumens for large-scale illumination.



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