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Storage System
Imagine a classroom where four or five groups of six students are working on projects.

Smith System

Programmable Utility Controller

The ISIMET programmable utility controller gives teachers and administrators complete, instant control over incoming utilities in school science labs and wood shops—including gas, electricity and water.


Lennox 2_0

Ultra HD Camera
LILIN North America, the U.S. entity of IP video provider Merit LILIN, has introduced its first 4K Ultra HD camera, the model UHG1182.


Mounted Projector  

Hitachi America Ltd., Digital Media Division, introduced the new 8000+ Series 3LD projectors to their high-end projector line up; CP-X8800, CP-WX8650, CP-WX8750, CP-WU8600 and CP-WU8700

Hitachi America Ltd

Architectural Glass
 Guardian Glass North America now offers Guardian CrystalBlue glass, a light blue glass that gives architects multiple options in achieving performance and aesthetic requirements.  

Guardian Glass North America

Lounge Chair
The Wink lounge chair by Norix features a sturdy, one-piece, rotationally molded polyethylene frame with a lightly textured surface that allows for easy cleaning.


LED Lighting
Acuity Brands Inc. recently introduced a breakthrough LED lighting innovation that aims to empower schools to use classroom lighting to improve student learning and attention.

Acuity Brands Inc

Ceiling System
The ROCKFON Group debuted Optimized Acoustics, an easy approach to meeting both the sound absorption and blocking criteria of today's commercial interiors, with the style of a smooth-finished ceiling system, while staying on budget. 

Armstrong Flooring offers Migrations BBT Bio-flooring, made with Bio-Stride polymer.

Armstrong Flooring

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